​​​ Schedule​ of Upcoming Events

Extremely Important Announcements

1. Due to multiple absences of dancers due to the pandemic, and the expectation that more absences will occur, two additional rehearsals have been added to the schedule for all dancers: Friday, November 19 from 7-9pm and Sunday, November 28 from 6-9pm. We have never added rehearsals before, but due to the pandemic we have no choice.

2.   Our annual Boo Bash is Saturday, November 30 from 6-8pm here at the studio.  There is still time for you to sign up to participate.  Please bring goodies with your dancer earlier in the day.  Trunk or treat parents can arrive between 530 and 6 and park in the spots directly in front of Studio A and across from Studio A

3. Our Ruby's fundraiser has been canceled due to their inability to handle our 50 families during their dinner rush.  

4. Ticket Pre-sale will take place on Monday, November 1 at 7pm.  Please have your dancer take a lottery ticket before leaving rehearsal on Saturday--this ticket will determine your space in the ticket line.  Cash or checks only.  Reserved seats--$25. General Seating--$20 each.  

5.  If you do not/cannot come to buy your tickets at the presale, it's No Problem.  You can fill out a ticket order form and I will choose for you the best seats possible on the evening of the presale after everyone has gone home.  You will have priority over the public when tickets go on sale November 2.

6.  If you are part of a girls scout, boy scout, community service group, please consider them attending our performances.  Every ticket sold helps to pay for our very nice, but expensive, venue.

7. Consider purchasing and gifting Nutcracker tickets for your colleagues or employees.  My husband has done this before for his team.


Friday Oct. 29

In Room A

6-730 Act 1/Party Scene costume fitting (Clara, Fritz, Mrs. S, Party Mothers, Party Girls)

I know that some of you have class at this time.  Do not miss class, please come after class.  Thank you!

730-815 Party Scene ( Clara, Fritz, Drosselmeyer, Drosselmeyer's Nephew, Mrs. S, Party Mothers, Party Girls

815-840 Gingersnaps

840-9 Oolong

In Room B

730-8 Angels

Saturday, October 30: Please Read Carefully, there are changes

130 -2

Room B:  All Maids, Party Mothers, Party Girls, Claras, Fritz, Mrs. S


Room  A: Marzipan Mirlitons with Ms. Jane

Room B:  Tamburelli and Ribbon Candy with Ms. Isabel

Room C:  Solos:  Kira, Ella, Isabelle V. with Ms. AM


Room A:  All of Act 1 ( this includes, Opening, All Maids, Party Mothers, Party Girls, Drosselmeyer, Nephew, Mrs, S, Fritz, Clara, Mice, Mouse King, Snow)


Room A:  Prologue to Act 2 (this includes Hallie, Ani, Darya, Arabella, Penelope, Kira, Carli, Sarah, Keely, Saffron, Maya Breed, Savannah, Isabelle Scuri, Julianne,  Emma McDonnell, Sugarplums, Fritz, Clara, Mouse King)

Room B:  Pastel Mints and Angels

At some point during this rehearsal we will unite all of these both of these groups in Room A.




Room A:  Waltz

Saturday, October 30, 6-8pm,  BOO BASH IS BACK! Wear your favorite danceable costume to rehearsal.  We will have a huge party after rehearsal until 8pm.  Food, fashion show, trunk or treat, we will show our Nutcracker:  The Movie, and fun for everyone! It's a blast!

Ticket Presale Event for dancer's families only:

Monday, November 1, 7pm at PBC outside front doors.  You may need a jacket depending on the weather.

Parents of High School Seniors will be able to purchase tickets first.

All other dancers will choose a lottery ticket from a hat at rehearsal on the30th to determine the order in which tickets are sold.

Saturday, November 6

All Dancers 2-630pm

Saturday, November 13

All Dancers 2-630pm

Friday, November 19

All Dancers 7-9pm

Saturday November 20

Dress Rehearsal at PBC

All Dancers 2-630pm

Sunday, November 21

Nutcracker Portrait Picture Shoot with Steve Wylie

This event is optional but very fun and we get incredible pictures of your dancer.  Ms. Ann-Marie is the art director of the event. Please sign up on the Sign UP Genius doc generated by Ms. Isabel.

Sunday, November 28

All Dancers


Friday, December 3

9am  Parents meet at storage unit to load moving truck

10am Parents meet at Coast Hills Church to set up stage

4pm All dancers arrive at Coast Hills Church

5pm Dress Rehearsal Cast A begins

7pm Dress Rehearsal Cast B begins

9pm All clean up their spots in dressing rooms

930pm Out of CHC

Saturday, December 4

11 am all dancers arrive at CHC

1130 AM all dancers warm up on stage

1pm or 130 First Performance of the day

330pm 2nd Performance of the day

5-6 Dinner break (families provide your own food)

6pm All Dancers Back in Dressing rooms

7pm Performance

Sunday December 5

1pm All Dancers Arrive at CHC

130pm Warm up on stage

330pm Final Performance including recognition of High School Seniors (we ask that the parents of each High School Senior bring a bouquet of flowers to this performance.  Each senior student will be called forward as will their parents (from their seats in the audience) to present the flowers to their dancer)

515pm All parents help strike sets and load truck

6pm Parents accompany the truck to the storage unit to pack up all scenery.

After that?

That's all folks!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year 2022!

Costume Return

*All costumes must be returned by Saturday, December 19 to the racks in the storage room in Studio D at PBC.

*If costumes are not returned you will be charged for the price of replacement.  If the costume has been discontinued you will be charged for the cost of replacing the entire set.

*Costumes must be returned unsoiled and "Un-Stinkified". Smell them to see if they are stinky.

Party mothers and girls, dresses must be dry cleaned.

Maids:  all items can be washed in cold water only, gentle cycle.  Iron aprons

Snow, Ribbon Candy, Waltz, Marzipan, Tarantella, Sugarplum attendants, Waltz or any other tutu:  tutus are to be aired out  for at least 1 week and then hung upside down in bags.

Oolong Tea:  dry clean

Lemon drop: hand wash, cold water, hang dry.  Be sure dress is completely dry before putting in the garment bag, otherwise mold will grow on the costume.

If there is a costume I have forgotten, please read the cleaning instructions on the inside of the costume and/or contact me via email: etchann@cox.net

Required Dance Supplies for Performing with Pacific Theatre Ballet

​All dancers need performance earrings!  Order them today!

​Party mothers need black tights and black character shoes.

All other dancers need pink, professional mesh, Capezio tights,
soft leather ballet slippers must be Bloch split sole. No canvas slippers!!!!!!1
Pointe shoes must be "calamine-d".
All dancers need a short, curly bun wig matching their hair color.
All dancers need a nude leotard to be worn "Bathing suit-style" under all costumes.

Oolong Dancers need a white spaghetti strap leotard.
All supplies are available at Dancer's Choice in Aliso Viejo.

 Make-up Requirements
Liquid Foundation/Makeup as a base

Eyes:  Brown eye shadow on the lid, white under the brow bone.  

Black liquid eyeliner around the eyes.  

Black mascara on lashes, no grey or brown.
Cheeks:  Brown (Covergirl soft sable can be used on the cheeks and on the eyelids).
Lips: Red! Not burgundy or pink.
To seal the makeup:  face powder. Loose powder works the best.